“Theodore Richards combines the storytelling gifts of a bard with the limpid seeing of a contemplative. His social commentary is penetrating without being violent and his advice to his three beloved children is exquisitely unsentimental.”

– Mirabai Starr,
Author of God of Love and Caravan of No Despair

“Theodore Richards is a unique and gifted social activist, one with a well-nourished brain as well as a conscience. In a previous generation someone of Theodore’s depth and integrity might have worked out his vocation in a monastery. In our time, he finds his way in the urban world of struggle and promise, despair and hope. He is a philosopher-activist who listens deeply and walks his talk.”

– Matthew Fox, Author and Theologian 

“In our globalized, commercialized, digitalized, industrialized, and capitalistic society we have gained safety and stability, but we have lost the diversity, and, above all, the curiosity that once made us truly human. In contemplative, personality-rich prose reminiscent of Henry David Thoreau and Wendell Berry, Richards offers us hope that it is not too late to go back – that it is not too late to re-develop a sense of place, to reclaim our animal senses, to reignite our love of darkness and mystery, and to restore the beauty of the world.”

– Francesca Varela, Author of Listen and Call of the Sun Child

“Theodore Richards points us toward a more vibrant and liberated space where education is linked to an iron commitment to free inquiry, investigation, open questioning, and full participation; an approach that encourages independent thought and judgment; and a base-line standard of full access and complete recognition of the humanity of each individual. He demonstrates the power of learning from, not about: from nature, not about nature, from work, not about work, from history, not about history.”

– Bill Ayers, Education Scholar, author, activist

“Theodore Richards has given us the tools to make a flat world three-dimensional again [and] make you want to get on the road and feel the texture of the planet.”

– Eric D. Lehman, author of Shadows of Paris

“Richards joins those challenging us to imagine global rebirth. If spirituality is our existential capability for such a transition, Richards suggests that, yes, interfaith spirituality is inevitable to global cultural evolution but spirituality’s transformation will be far more radical than most suppose.”

– Kurt Johnson PhD, co-author The Coming Interspiritual Age

“A[n author] of great wisdom and prophetic imagination. Today we need Richards’ work more than ever. I hope everyone reads this book and acts on it!”

– Adam Bucko,
Author of Occupy Spirituality and The New Monasticism

“Richards takes us on a journey into the edge of the universe which is the edge of the human being which is the edge of God.

– Brian Swimme,
Author, Scientist, Philosopher

“Daring, visionary and blunt.”

– Gint Aras, Author of The Fugue

“Theodore Richards is an inspired educator and artisan of cultural regeneration, a visionary activist.”

– Bill Plotkin, Ph.D., author of Soulcraft, Wild Mind, and Nature and the Human Soul