“Theodore Richards is a unique and gifted social activist, one with a well-nourished brain as well as a conscience. In a previous generation someone of Theodore’s depth and integrity might have worked out his vocation in a monastery. In our time, he finds his way in the urban world of struggle and promise, despair and hope. He is a philosopher-activist who listens deeply and walks his talk.”

Matthew Fox
Author and Theologian

“A new beginning is possible, a new feeling of the interconnectedness of all things is before us. Richards takes us on a journey into the edge of the universe which is the edge of the human being which is the edge of God.”

Brian Swimme
Author, Scientist, Philosopher
The California Institute of Integral Studies

“Theodore Richards points us toward a more vibrant and liberated space where education is linked to an iron commitment to free inquiry, investigation, open questioning, and full participation; an approach that encourages independent thought and judgment; and a base-line standard of full access and complete recognition of the humanity of each individual. He demonstrates the power of learning from, not about: from nature, not about nature, from work, not about work, from history, not about history.”

Bill Ayers
Education Scholar, author, activist
University of Illinois at Chicago