The Chicago Wisdom Project
Re-imagining Education;
Re-imagining the World

The Chicago Wisdom Project empowers our youth to transform our world through creativity, to become creators rather than consumers of culture – in a word, to become mythmakers.

While we consider this work to be an organic process, one that cannot be reduced to specific outcomes, one that is different each time and for each student, and one that is full of surprises, we hope that we can say the following about our work:

• Students should complete a creative project, giving them a sense of their ability to accomplish something meaningful
• Students should expand their sense of who they are by seeing themselves as part of a broader community and as having deeper connections to their ancestors
• Students should begin to see the future in terms of possibilities rather than limitations
• Students should have the confidence, after completing their rite of passage and their project, to teach others
• Students should have a sense of their passion, that which gives their lives meaning
• Students should be aware of the issues that face their community and other communities around the world and how those issues are interconnected
• Students should have a greater appreciation for nature

In addition, we have broader cultural goals. We believe that our students can become creators of culture, not merely consumers, and to challenge the assumptions of modern, industrial culture through the arts.

Through our work and the trainings we hold for teachers and youth workers, we hope to spark a debate about the true meaning of education beyond the test-centered and utilitarian focus of the current political discourse.

To learn more please visit The Chicago Wisdom Project site.