Are You …

on a spiritual search but not sure where to turn?

an educator or a school with an intuition that we need a holistic and relational approach to teaching and learning but haven’t yet found the language and pedagogy to support this transformation?

seeking healthier relationships with your children, your partner, or yourself?

an organization looking to find a way to grow and transform to reflect your values and worldview?

a writer seeking motivation, guidance, or editing help?

ReImagine: Consulting & Coaching Rooted in Relationship

ReImagine Consulting & Coaching draws from decades of experience in nonprofit leadership, writing & editing, spirituality & religion, and education. While the work will look different depending on the context, needs, and expectations, it involves three unfolding and repeatable stages:

(1) An invitation to reimagine our stories; for it is when we create new stories about who we are and how we relate to each other that genuine growth and transformation occurs. This requires us to ask big questions that get to the heart of things.
(2) A shift from individualism to relationship, rooted in Wisdom traditions like Buddhism and Creation Spirituality, as well as the science of deep ecology, psychology, and systems theory.
(3) A shared process to bring forth the tools to co-create new practices and approaches for individual and institutional transformation.


[For Institutions]

  • Education Design & Practice
  • Non-profit Consulting
  • Diversity Training

[For Individuals]

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Parent Coaching
  • Writing Coaching & Editing

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What People Are Saying

“This is my first time returning to school after 25 years. It was somewhat overwhelming with work and school plus taking therapy as I suffer panic/anxiety. This class was my favorite. Heard so many different stories that I really thought I was the only one struggling. You made this class for me personally as a therapeutic session every Monday. Your way of teaching made it easy to connect with what you were teaching us about philosophy.”

“I learned that it is important to look at oneself and take time to evaluate self; that I need to stay more focused and attentive; and that I need to spend more time evaluating who I am… It allowed me to see a deeper me and realize more of who I was… I have realized my potential and worth and I have been able to realize that everyone makes mistakes but what you do after determines who you are.”