The pursuit of wisdom... is not really too different from the work of the quantum vacuum pulsing matter into being; or of matter coalescing into the star; or of the star giving birth to the elements of the living Earth; or of the Earth churning the elements into life; or of life co-creating the complex web of relations in the ecosystem; or of the African plain giving birth to the curious ape, who created worlds with the stories told beside the fire under the stars. The legacy of this entire process remains with us, in the depths of the womb of the human soul, pregnant with the mysterious and unknown future.

Theodore Richards

Theodore Richards is the founder and director of The Chicago Wisdom Project. He has received degrees from various institutions, including the University of Chicago and The California Institute of Integral Studies, but has learned just studying the martial art of Bagua; teaching in various settings and students; and as a traveler from the Far East to the Middle East, from southern Africa to the South Pacific. He is the author of Handprints on the Womb, a collection of poetry; Cosmosophia: Cosmology, Mysticism, and the Birth of a New Myth, recipient of the Independent Publisher Awards Gold Medal in religion and the Nautilus Book Awards Gold Medal; the novel The Crucifixion, recipient of the Independent Publisher Awards bronze medal and the USA Book Award; Creatively Maladjusted: The Wisdom Education Movement Manifesto, finalist for the USA Book Award; and his most recent novel, The Conversions. He sits on the board at Homebound Publications; is a staff writer at The Wayfarer; and is the founder and editor of Re-Imagining Magazine. He lives in Chicago with his wife and daughters.

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