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An online magazine published by The Chicago Wisdom Project that addresses some of the biggest questions in our world today.

Our Statement of Intent:

1 The planet and humanity are at a moment of crisis and opportunity, and of transition.
2 Because we are entering into unknown future, imagination is a paramount.
3 This moment requires new stories, new narratives, new creative works that express this re-imagining.
4 We believe that these narratives must challenge and confront the injustices of our day. These include injustices that arise from inequitable economic systems; the concept of race; and ecological destruction.
5 The crisis of the moment is an educational crisis. That is, we must re-imagine educational processes in order to re-imagine our narratives.
6 We welcome educators, poets, philosophers, activists and writers who are interested in re-imagining our selves and our relationship to the planet.
7 Re-imagining is a place not so much to find quick answers to find definitive solutions. Rather, it is a place to ask Big Questions, to explore possibilities, and to imagine a new world.

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Theodore Richards